March 10, 2020 Celebrations

Elementary students show off musical abilities with Sioux City Symphony Orchestra

SCCSD Students perform with the Sioux City Symphony at the Sioux City Orpheum

After practicing for months, local elementary students had the chance to show off their musical abilities.

Siouxland students from the 3rd through 5th grades played alongside the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra.

The event marks the third year of the Link Up concert, a partnership between Carnegie Hall and the symphony.

A Symphony Executive Travis Morgan says it’s one of the biggest days of the year for symphony members.

“These are aspiring musicians that are out there just getting that first taste of what they got back when they were that age,” said Morgan. “And to see the interaction between the two is really priceless because you get to see what you looked like, what these people saw when they weren’t on stage and they were first getting a taste of it, it’s amazing.”

The Link Up program works with 45 schools across Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska.

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