April 1, 2020 Celebrations

Bryant Elementary teachers hold parade for students

Teachers at Bryant Elementary Hold Parade for Students During COVID-19 School Closures Square

With many routines interrupted, some Sioux City Community School District teachers joined in on a national trend for their students.

Bryant Elementary teachers drove through neighborhoods to wave at students they haven’t seen in person in nearly three weeks.

The principal for Bryant Elementary said she hopes the kids know how much their teachers miss seeing them every day.

“My own kids have, at first, starting to enjoy it. And now they’re at the point where they’re really missing their friends. They’re missing their teachers. They’re just missing their daily routine of being in school, so it’s kind of a sad time for them,” said Bryant Elementary Teacher Kristie Monk.

Loess Hills Elementary teachers also held a car parade for their students Wednesday evening, all to show the kids their teaching are still thinking about them.

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