April 8, 2020 Academics

SCCSD distributing packets to students for continuous learning at home

Parents pick up packets for continuous learning at home during COVID-19 school closures

Students in the Sioux City Community School District are getting an opportunity to continue their learning at home.

Wednesday the District began distributing packets to students.

“It’s basically a packet of educational lessons that are grade-specific that cover the standards that we are required to teach in school,” said Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Community School District Superintendent. “We know that the state department of education and the governor’s office has allowed us to waive school days if we provide this continuous learning opportunity for our students.”

The process is voluntary, but how students get the packets and what they look like, depend on the grade level of each student.

Middle and high school students will get them electronically. Elementary students can get them electronically or can get them at a packet pickup.

“So at the elementary level, you don’t need internet service at all,” said Gausman. “You can kind of think of it as homework packets. At the secondary level, there are greater needs for wifi or internet connectivity.”

That’s why Dr. Gausman said they’ve set up a number of WiFi enabled buses in neighborhoods, for students to connect to.

“You know we have students who are expecting to graduate near the end of the school year, and we’ve got to give them those opportunities and make that available to them,” said Gausman.

He does acknowledge though, there could be some challenges.

“I do suspect that it will create some challenges for learning, some discrepancies between those who participate in the voluntary learning and those who do not,” said Gausman.

Dr. Gausman said students don’t have to return those packets for a grade.

High school and middle school students will get their packets sent electronically every Wednesday. While elementary students will get theirs on a two-week timeline.

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