April 21, 2020 Academics

Sioux City schools offer free books to students

Students pick up free books during covid school closures

Many Sioux City students now have a new collection of books to read while classes are suspended for the rest of the school year.

Thanks to a donation from “New York Life,” students could pick up one or two brand new books from Morningside Elementary.

While paper lessons and school-supplied meals have been available for students to pick up for several weeks now, the April 22 donation added a special bonus to an uncertain time.

A variety of books for students from kindergarten through 12th grade were divided, based on age, and set out alongside their lessons.

Appropriate social distancing measures were put in place to ensure safety while students sifted through the books and picked the ones they wanted.

Organizers say, supplying students with books during all that’s going on, is just as important as supplying them with voluntary learning lessons.

“Anyway we can encourage students and families to continue to read as much as possible, even during school closures, is really important. A good habit of 20 minutes to an hour of reading a day, depending on the age of the child, is really a good habit. So we’re just promoting that and providing everyone with some good reading materials,” said Associate Superintendant Dr. Kim Buryanek.

Not only were the students provided with reading material, they were also able to pick up their school-supplied meals.

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