Sioux City Community School District approves purchase of 1,500 laptops for elementary school students

Laptops Graphic

The Sioux City Community School District has approved the purchase of 1,500 laptops in a meeting on Wednesday in preparation for remote learning for elementary school students.

The Board of Directors unanimously approved the purchase of the HP Stream 11 Pro G5 laptops that total up to $346,500, or $231 each, for students.

They approved the purchase in a special meeting on Wednesday over Zoom.

John Pritchard, the Director of Technology for the SCCSD, proposed to the Board to purchase the devices to replace those that have been lost, stolen, and/or at the end of life.

He mentions that the purchase will also supplement the need for devices in elementary schools to prepare for remote learning.

School officials said they found that the elementary school systems were most in need of having laptops.

SCCSD mentions that the laptops will play a significant role in the support and delivery of curriculum to students. The role is even more important due to the need to accommodate remote learning.

The school district will pay for the HP laptops by using money from the SCCSD budget’s General Fund.

To read the full Return-to-Learn Plan for the 2020-2021 school year for SCCSD, click here.

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