November 30, 2020 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD November Staff Members of the Month

November Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Brenda McDonald, Title I Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary

“From beautiful bulletin boards, to positively acknowledging staff and students, Mrs. McDonald adds sparkle, enthusiasm, and positivity to Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School. This year, Mrs. McDonald has brought a wealth of reading knowledge to our Building Leadership Team. She has taken the lead on building initiatives and has provided our staff with excellent and well-planned professional development plans. We are very grateful to have Mrs. McDonald at Hunt A+ Arts!”

Kim Ritchison, Leesa Parker, and Mary Kohn, Office Staff @ Riverside Elementary

“The Riverside office staff are always prepared to support and respond to student and staff needs. They have also handled the challenges this school year has presented gracefully. Kim, Leesa, and Mary are all professional, kind, and caring to our staff, families, and guests. Thank you for all you do for Riverside Elementary. You make a huge difference in so many lives. Congratulations!”

Ali Doyle, Office Staff @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Ali is a valued member of our Perry Creek team and has many responsibilities in our building. Ali is the first and last face many of our students see each day as she greets them in the morning and after school at the crosswalk. Ali also supports our office by answering phone calls, communicating with families, and communicating with teachers. Students acknowledge and appreciate her positivity and her willingness to help whenever needed. Thank you, Ali, for all you do at Perry Creek!”

Tammie Antle, Office Staff @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Tammie supports students, teachers, administration, and office staff at Perry Creek. She helps teachers prepare materials for students to engage in meaningful instruction, and she works with small groups of students when needed. Tammie also supervises students on our playgrounds and assists in our office. We are very fortunate to have Tammie as a Prairie Dog!”

Karen Ulven, Bookkeeper @ East High School

“Karen does a lot of behind the scenes work at East High. She is a positive person with great school spirit, and her laugh is infectious. During this difficult time, Karen has gone above and beyond to assist and support staff throughout the building. We are grateful for Karen and the work she does for East High. Congratulations, Karen!”

Scott Krosch, Science Teacher @ East Middle School

“Mr. Krosch helps students at East Middle from the first bell of the day to the last with positivity and compassion. He spends a lot of time guiding our students toward success. Mr. Krosch is also always willing to support our staff whenever needed. He is invaluable and an integral part of our EMS team. Congratulations, Mr. Krosch!”

Amanda Pottebaum, Teacher @ Bryant Elementary

“Amanda has been a huge asset to our staff by preparing many new technology items this year. She is eager to lead lessons in classrooms and she volunteers to help in any way that she can. Amanda has also assisted with District training for classroom and ESL teachers. We are thankful she is a Bryant Bear!”

Rochelle Greigg, Teacher @ Bryant Elementary

“Rochelle has gone above and beyond to help students and staff adjust to the new school year. She ensures staff and student needs are met all while navigating new learning curves this year. She supports staff and students when needed. Her organization skills have also been extremely helpful for our teachers. We appreciate her expertise and problem-solving skills. We are lucky to have Rochelle as a Bryant Bear!”

Cassandra Bracht, Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

“Students, staff, and families have all noticed Cassandra’s exceptional work this school year. She cares deeply for her students, teaches powerfully, and wears a smile on her face every day. Congratulations Ms. Bracht!”

Bille Stitt, Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Billie is a wonderful instructional assistant who enjoys working with kids. She has such a positive attitude and does anything to help support students in their journey toward success. Billie goes the extra mile for her students. They trust and respect her. Staff at Morningside are proud to have her as a friend and co-worker. They appreciate everything she does to support teachers and students at Morningside STEM Elementary every day. Congratulations, Billie!”

Christina Bliven, Third-Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Mrs. Bliven cares for her students deeply and sets high expectations for student success. Students coming and going from her class often carry smiles on their faces and walk with confidence in their steps. Mrs. Bliven goes above and beyond for our staff and students. Thank you, Christina, for all you do at Morningside STEM!”

Liz Alcala, Instructional Assistant @ Liberty Elementary

“Miss Alcala makes the lunchroom an engaging and entertaining space for students while maintaining a safe and efficient environment for food service staff. She also coordinates the snack pack program at Liberty. Miss Alcala goes above and beyond to hand-deliver these packs to students every day. She manages many tasks with a smile on her face and is a true representative of what it takes to “Make It Happen” at Liberty Elementary. Thank you Miss Alcala for your hard work and dedication to the staff and students at Liberty Elementary!”

Cory Loffswold, PE Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mr. Loffswold is an innovative leader. Mr. Loffswold seeks out creative ways to engage students in physical activity that also serves to further their development in reading and math. Mr. Loffswold is also great support for staff and administration. He is flexible and always willing to take on extra tasks or teach in different environments. We want to thank Mr. Loffswold for going above and beyond to “Make It Happen” for the staff and students at Liberty Elementary!”

Logan Kuchera, Art Teacher @ West High

A student from West High said the following about Logan Kuchera: “Mr. Kuchera is very helpful and understanding towards all students. He helps whoever needs help and makes lessons easy to understand. Mr. Kuchera makes class interesting and builds relationships with all students. He is kind to everyone and is just overall a nice human being.” Congratulations, Mr. Kuchera!

Ashely Wheat, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Ashley is always willing to help staff at Spalding Park. She helps staff learn skills that will enhance their teaching long-term. Ashley is also notorious for assisting staff and students in TK-5 and beyond! Ashley is an asset to Spalding Park and we are so lucky to have her. Thank you, Ashely, for all you do.”

Tanner Haines, Library Assistant @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary*

“Tanner is a new staff member that has taken on numerous new jobs, some of which have been challenging. Through it all, Tanner has been professional and kind to all staff and parents! Thank you, Tanner. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Congratulations!”

Dave Benson, Substitute Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary*

“Dave is always willing to help out around the building. He is very kind and welcoming to all. Students at Spalding are also very excited to have him as their substitute teacher. Thank you for your hard work, Dave!”

Mande Moran, Fifth-Grade Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary*

“Mande goes above and beyond to help make Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School an amazing place to be. She is involved in a variety of committees and assists with our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Doughnut Fundraiser. The staff at Spalding are thankful to work alongside Mande.”