December 23, 2020 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD December Staff Members of the Month

December Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Shelly Sadler, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary

“Mrs. Sadler has a huge heart and cares deeply for her students. She works hard to build positive relationships with her students and it shows. Mrs. Sadler is a tremendous asset to the committees she supports and is such a great resource for our staff. Mrs. Sadler is a positive light to others and we are lucky to have her at Hunt A+ Arts!”

Juanita Haaf, ESL Tutor @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Juanita is a great advocate for our English as a Second Language (ESL) students. She sets very high standards for the students she works with. She also goes above and beyond by calling parents to discuss student needs and to keep them informed.”

Molly Pendergast, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Molly helps our entire building from students to staff! She helps our students become stronger readers and subs in our classrooms when we need additional assistance. Molly always comes up with creating reading incentives for our students. She also supports students during after-school activities. Congratulations, Molly!”

Leah Contreras, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

A staff member at Spalding Park said the following about Leah, “Leah is always willing to help out around the building. If I have a question, Leah is the first person I reach out to. She really cares about both kids and staff.” Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Congratulations, Leah!

Heather Hensley, PE Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mrs. Hensley is a wonderful P.E. teacher that goes above and beyond every day! She makes P.E. challenging and fun for our students. Mrs. Hensley teaches students to have confidence and never give up while keeping our students healthy and fit. She also encourages good sportsmanship on the gym floor and beyond. Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Hensley!”

Jen Damrau, Food Service Staff @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Jen Damrau was selected as our Staff Member of the Month by Perry Creek fifth-grade students! Jen comes to work each day with a positive attitude and students appreciate her kind and caring nature. She is always willing to assist students in the lunchroom while maintaining a positive, safe, and clean environment for all. Congratulations, Jen!”

Courtney Pottebaum, Counselor @ North Middle

“Mrs. Pottebaum helps our students with academic achievement, career planning, and social/emotional development. She is an integral asset to our “Total Educational Program” as she strives to engage our students in the classroom and beyond through leadership, advocacy, and collaboration with others. Mrs. Pottebaum truly helps our students achieve success and we are grateful to have her at North Middle!”

Kim Mendenhall, Counselor @ North Middle

“Ms. Mendenhall provides professional assistance and support to individual students, small groups of students, and North Middle families. She identifies students’ academic and social/emotional needs to reduce learning barriers. Ms. Mendenhall continuously helps students develop skills and positive behaviors critical for academic achievement. Congratulations, Ms. Mendenhall.”

Nancy Baker, Counselor @ North Middle

“Ms. Baker helps our students transition from fifth to sixth-grade. She works with colleagues and parents to support student achievement. She also works with community members to allocate additional resources for students and families. Ms. Baker focuses on individual student planning and responsive services. She collaborates with teachers and parents to identify academic, behavioral, and social/emotional student needs that are critical to college and career readiness. We’re thankful to have Ms. Baker at North Middle!”

Larry Provost, Building Engineer @ North Middle

“Larry Provost plays an integral role in ensuring that our building is a safe, clean, and a functional environment for learning. Larry responds to maintenance requests efficiently and effectively. Congratulations!”

Sarah Scheffer, Library Assistant @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Sarah goes above and beyond every day for staff and students at Loess Hills while taking on many responsibilities in the building. Whether she is reading to students, locating literacy resources for staff, or volunteering to complete additional tasks, Sarah always has a smile on her face. We are lucky to have Sarah at Loess Hills!”

Sandy Peterson, Office Staff @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Sandy has such a strong relationship with our students. She is calm, respectful, encouraging, and caring to each student she interacts with. We are so grateful to have Sandy at Morningside STEM Elementary. Congratulations, Sandy!”

Calla Bestgen, Second Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Calla is an amazing teacher and colleague! Her positive presence and attitude helps make everyone around her better. She is a reflective teacher who always strives to strengthen her teaching. Her daily flexibility and adaptability is a perfect model for her colleagues and students!”

Amber Franco, Office Staff @ East High School

“Mrs. Franco is an all-around top notch employee! Mrs. Franco is willing to help whenever/wherever needed and she always carries a positive attitude. Mrs. Franco has a positive relationship with the students and is always an excellent resource for any assistance that is needed in the building. Congratulations, Mrs. Franco!”

Amy Beierschmitt, Math Teacher @ East Middle School

“Amy Beierschmitt is a devoted, hard-working teacher who ensures our students are successful. She often stays after school and ensures that co-teaching supports are in place to support student learning. Amy is flexible and accommodating for our staff and students. She does all of this willingly and with a positive attitude. We are so lucky to have her at EMS!”

Jasmine Kaskie, Art Teacher @ Bryant Elementary

“Mrs. Kaskie works diligently to make connections and build relationships with our students. She goes out of her way to highlight their strengths and communicates with parents regularly. She even posts pictures on Class Dojo for families to see students’ artwork on a regular basis. Students are excited to go to Art and we are excited to have Mrs. Kaskie as a Bryant Bear!”

Melinna Potter, Attendance Secretary @ Liberty Elementary

“Ms. Potter is Liberty’s attendance secretary, who has done a tremendous job keeping up with the changing landscape of school attendance during this unprecedented school year. Ms. Potter has volunteered in the caring room and has done a remarkable job communicating with staff and families and monitoring Liberty’s attendance each day. Ms. Potter has also taken on additional duties to help keep the building’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts moving forward. Thank you, Ms. Potter, for all your work to ‘Make It Happen’ at Liberty Elementary!”

Brandie Mitchell, Virtual First Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mrs. Mitchell is an approachable Professional Learning Community (PLC) leader that has a wealth of knowledge to help guide her team to improve each and every day. In addition, Mrs. Mitchell holds a ‘lunch bunch’ each week to acknowledge students who read over the weekend. Mrs. Mitchell also runs Liberty Sign Club, teaching sign language to students interested in learning it. Finally, Mrs. Mitchell routinely attends her current and former students’ activities as a continued bridge between school and community. Thank you Mrs. Mitchell for all you do to ‘Make It Happen’ at Liberty Elementary!”

Darin Wickey, First Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary

“Mr. Wickey has been recognized as our Staff Member of the Month by his colleagues for being an outstanding team member and welcoming to new teachers. Mr. Wickey is always willing to collaborate with his colleagues and continuously grows as an educator. We are grateful to have Mr. Wickey on our Unity Team!”