February 23, 2021 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD February Staff Members of the Month

February Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Leann Staiert, SPED Teacher @ North Middle School

“Leann Staiert and co-teacher Ms. Bork work together to create an optimal learning environment for all students. Ms. Staiert goes above and beyond as a special education teacher to ensure that the individual needs of our students are met. She is highly collaborative with parents and teachers to foster a strong partnership that is aimed at helping students develop individual skills to help them meet their goals. Congratulations, Leann!”

Jenna Bork, Science Teacher @ North Middle School

“Jenna Bork and co-teacher Mrs. Staiert work together to create an optimal learning environment for all students. As the seventh grade team leader, Ms. Bork carries out building initiatives and student acknowledgment aligned to our Patriot Traits of Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity. She also collaborates with other team members to organize and facilitate interventions to support student skill development and achievement in the classroom. Congratulations, Jenna!”

Erin Pinney, TAG Coach @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mrs. Pinney goes above and beyond to help provide differentiated resources for our students. She is very helpful when students have a question or need assistance in the classroom. Mrs. Pinney engages students in challenging extensions and fun activities that get them excited about learning. We’re thankful to have Erin as a Prairie Dog!”

Denise Watkins, Instructional Assistant @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mrs. Watkins takes on many responsibilities at Perry Creek. She works in the office, assists in the nurse’s station, supervises recess, and helps our students safely cross from the parking lot to the building. It is evident Mrs. Watkins enjoys working with others on the phone, interacting with visitors, and assisting students. Students frequently acknowledge her for her caring nature and her sense of humor, which often highlight their day.”

Darrell Langley, Counselor @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mr. Langley forms and maintains positive and supportive relationships with both students and staff. He works collaboratively to ensure students are receiving the support they need. Mr. Langley is an instrumental member of our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) teams and supports students and staff building-wide. In addition, he promotes student reflection and ownership as they work to become well-balanced, successful members of society. Mr. Langley is a strong leader, a valuable member of our school, and an incredible asset to our district!”

Sue Nash, Counselor @ Irving Dual Language Elementary

“Mrs. Nash is an integral part of our school. She is committed to the overall well-being of our students and she works tirelessly to make sure our students are safe and happy. Congratulations, Mrs. Nash!”

Heather Hunwardsen, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher @ Nodland Elementary

“Mrs. Hunwardsen does a great job easing the nerves of our parents that send their young children to school. She makes school an exciting and comforting experience for all. Students love attending school and being part of her classroom. They look forward to going home and sharing new experiences with their parents. Mrs. Hunwardsen not only delivers instruction that targets the academic needs of her students, but she also meets the social and emotional needs of her students. We are extremely grateful for her dedication, precision, and desire to share her craft with our Future Raiders.”

Shijan Shine, SPED Teacher @ Sunnyside Elementary

“Ms. Shine is an incredible asset to Sunnyside Elementary. She does a great job building relationships with all of our students and carries a positive attitude throughout the building. Ms. Shine has spent many mornings leading our Sunnyside Student Council meetings and does a wonderful job organizing the council’s fundraisers. We are so thankful for her commitment to our students and our school.”

Jodi Juhnke, ESL Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

“Mrs. Juhnke tirelessly advocates for our students and families. She consistently goes above and beyond at Hunt A+. Whether a student needs a warm blanket or school materials at home, Mrs. Juhnke works hard to make sure our students’ basic needs are met. Mrs. Junhke is always willing to share her expertise with our staff and helps staff members implement ELL strategies that benefit all learners. We are grateful to have Mrs. Juhnke at Hunt!”

Juanita Haaf, ELL Tutor @ Morningside STEM Elementary

Fellow staff members said the following about Juanita: “Mrs. Haaf exemplifies patience and kindness. She influences our students’ lives by supporting their learning needs as well as connecting with them on a personal level. Students are encouraged, challenged, and happy when they work with Mrs. Haaf. She is an advocate for our English Language Learner (ELL) students and their families. Mrs. Haaf creates long-lasting relationships with the students and their families.”

Linda Luc, Office Assistant @ Unity Elementary

“Linda is one of our building office assistants at Unity and has a great number of responsibilities. She wears a smile on her face when caring for students, fulfilling office responsibilities, or entering attendance. She goes above and beyond for our students as well as our teachers and other staff. We count on Linda every day and she is a tremendous building leader. Congratulations to Linda Luc!”

Mackenzie Hiserote, Science Teacher @ East Middle School

“Mrs. Hiserote is always positive and helpful for her students and her colleagues. She continues to incorporate technology and Canvas into lessons for our 8th-grade students. She also goes out of her way to help others and greets everyone with a positive can-do attitude. Mrs. Hiserote is willing to stay late to work with our students even if they are not in her class. She is dependable and dedicated. Thanks for making such a positive difference at EMS!”

Jamie Zyzda, Teacher @ East High School

“Ms. Zyzda started the year off teaching a new subject. Throughout the year, she’s challenged herself by incorporating new technology in her classroom and she’s brought in others to observe and give her feedback. Ms. Zyzda wants to be the best teacher she can be for her students. Congratulations, Ms. Jamie Zyzda!”

Megan Collier, 4th-Grade Teacher @ Bryant Elementary

“Ms. Collier is passionate about teaching math and is encouraging to staff and students. She meets with students who need additional support each week before school. She also goes above and beyond to plan with her team. Ms. Collier is fun, thoughtful, and fills a room with humor. We are proud to have Ms. Collier as a Bear!”