#SCCSD April Staff Members of the Month

April Staff Members of the Month

Kate Schiller, Language Arts Teacher @ East High School

“Kate is incredible with her students. She is dedicated, hardworking, and truly wants all students to succeed. She ensures that students understand how to write and format papers. If students do not understand the coursework, she is always willing to work with them. Throughout the year, Kate has supported students in many ways. She creates to-do lists for students, posts instructional videos, and has been in constant communication with parents and guardians. She has gone above and beyond to help make students successful! Congratulations, Kate!”

Sra. Jiménez, Second Grade Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary

“Sra. Jiménez is kind, generous, and caring. She strives to provide her students with the very best education and is an outstanding partner for fellow staff members. Sra. Jimenez is well-liked and respected by many. Congratulations!”

Mrs. Vanderloo, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Demers, and Mrs. Pederson, ESL & Title I Teachers @ Bryant Elementary

“We call this group our very own Fab Four! These four women work tirelessly to support our ESL and Title students. They teach small groups and assist throughout our classrooms when needed. They are positive, outgoing, supportive, fun, and dedicated. We are proud to call them Bears. Congratulations to Mrs. Vanderloo, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Demers, and Mrs. Pederson!”

Ryan Dunkel, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programing Elementary

“Ryan is a true team player who goes above and beyond for his students and his peers. Not only does Ryan serve on the District Math Committee, but he also serves as a coding coach at Loess Hills. He has been instrumental in leading his Professional Learning Community team in the integration of coding into various subject areas. Ryan’s peers stated, ‘…he is a great team member! He always has a positive attitude and works hard to help his students succeed.’ We are proud of Ryan Dunkel and value his leadership!”

Anne O’Brien & Laurie Gettner, Office Staff @ Morningside STEM Elementary

Fellow staff members said the following about Laurie and Anne: “Laurie and Anne greet students, families, and staff with a smile on their face. They also handle situations that come their way calmly. Laurie and Anne help set the tone for the entire building and support students in more ways than anyone knows. Both of them also respond to never-ending changes in routine throughout the day.”

Lonnie Hill, Title Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

Fellow staff members said the following about Lonnie: “Mrs. Hill is a powerful member of the Morningside team! She is extremely knowledgeable in reading instruction and is a tremendous resource for many Morningside staff members. She is always willing to support her colleagues with lesson ideas or strategies and volunteers to cover duty or other responsibilities in the building. Mrs. Hill supports her students by meeting their academic needs and developing relationships with them. She also strives to help her students become better readers every day. Mrs. Hill is a huge asset to Morningside STEM Elementary!”

Heather Cook, First Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

Fellow staff members said the following about Heather: “Heather is continually making strong efforts to meet the needs of each student. Heather keeps a structured classroom, while providing fun and interactive activities for the kids. Along with her ability to provide quality instruction, she also keeps a positive attitude. She accepts change and is able to adapt her classroom and lessons to meet those changes. Each student is thought of with kindness and care.”

Trista King, Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Trista goes above and beyond every day to help the students in our preschool classrooms. She arrives early each day and many times stays late to help prepare for the next day. Trista makes a point to connect with each preschool student at Morningside to build stronger relationships with our students. Staff and students who work with Trista every day know that she is always willing to help. She is a great asset to our preschool program. Thank you, Trista, for all you do!”

Betsy Flowers, SPED Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mrs. Flowers is tenacious in her efforts to “Make It Happen” for the staff and students at Liberty Elementary. Mrs. Flowers is involved in sponsoring Student Council, known as Head of House, is the lead sponsor for Running Club, and she assists with a number of other functions outside of her regular teaching duties. Mrs. Flowers is quick to assist wherever she can, including covering classes on short notice and really anything else that is needed. We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Flowers on our staff and appreciate all that she does. Thanks for Making It Happen at Liberty!”

Lori Francksen, Second Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mrs. Francksen has a caring heart and approaches challenges with creativity and compassion. She is a patient educator that goes out of her way to make sure students, both past and present, feel connected to Liberty. Mrs. Francksen attends student activities, encourages student mentors in her room, and helps students develop confidence in themselves as individuals. She truly makes learning fun and relatable through the utilization of real-world examples and experiences. Liberty is grateful for the work Mrs. Francksen has done, inside and outside of the classroom to Make It Happen!”

Kenzie Rudeen, Third Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mrs. Rudeen is a kind and caring educator with a clear passion for education. Mrs. Rudeen goes out of her way to ensure that every student in her classroom is heard and seen. She volunteers as a sponsor for Liberty Running Club, and frequently attends her students’ activities outside of the classroom. Mrs. Rudeen always has a smile on her face and her students appreciate her praise and positive attitude each day. Liberty Elementary is lucky to have Mrs. Rudeen and we appreciate all that she does for the staff and students. Thank you for Making it Happen Kenzie!”

Kris McNaughton, ELL Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mrs. McNaughton analyzes data, co-plans lessons, and co-teaches with various teachers to provide supports for our English Language Learners. She develops schedules to support the needs of our ELL students and administers imperative assessments to our students. Mrs. McNaughton also serves as the internal coach for Perry Creek’s Iowa Reading Corps tutor and is a member of the Building Leadership Team (BLT). Congratulations, Mrs. McNaughton!”

Jamie Main, Library Assistant @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Perry Creek Elementary students, families, and staff are fortunate to have the support of Mrs. Jamie Main in our school. Mrs. Main serves as a library assistant and helps to manage the school library and media equipment. She is friendly and kind when interacting with students. Mrs. Main assists students with finding books, reading to their class, and supervising recess. Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Main!”

Cheryl Hanson, Instructional Assistant @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Cheryl goes above and beyond for staff and students at Spalding Park. She is willing to take on new challenges and help others whenever needed. Cheryl also never hesitates to try new jobs or responsibilities. Students look up to her every day. Congratulations, Cheryl!”

Brianna Murad, Kindergarten Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Brianna is very dedicated and has spent a great deal of time helping several of her students overcome challenges brought on by the pandemic this school year. She truly cares and wants the best for her students. Brianna seeks assistance from others when needed and shares advice or strategies with her students to help them be successful. Thank you for all you do, Brianna!”

Lisa D’Auguste, SPED Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Lisa D’Auguste goes out of her way to make sure her aides and students feel included and cared for. She works tirelessly to make sure the needs of her in-person & virtual students are always met. Lisa is an asset to our building. She is a constant ray of sunshine and we are glad to have her at Spalding Park!”

Lisa Nelson, Marjorie Johnson, & Sakeena Johnson, Preschool Staff @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Lisa, Marjorie, and Sakeena always go above and beyond to make their students feel special. They are positive and encouraging to their students, and set high expectations for them. Thanks to our preschool staff, students are happy and ready to learn when they are at school. Congratulations!”

Jackie Seaton, Instructional Assistant @ Riverside Elementary

“Jackie is kind and helpful to all students and staff. She goes above and beyond to help the students succeed in the classroom. Jackie is always willing to go the extra mile and pitch in when help is needed at Riverside. Thanks for all you do, Jackie!”

Kaitlyn Marsh, Kindergarten Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Kaitlyn is always positive with her students, families, and staff. She is willing to lend a hand and does whatever it takes to help her students make progress. Kaitlyn is also someone who leads by example and strives to be a great leader at Riverside every day! We are so proud to have her at Riverside.”