May 1, 2021 #SCCSD Kudos Recognition

#SCCSD Kudos Recognition: Dr. Angela Holcomb

Kudos Recogniton

Kudos to Dr. Angela Holcomb (Principal | Bryant Elementary School)

“Dr. Holcomb can be found in a number of places in our building. The caring room, the lunchroom, the playground, the parking lot, a classroom, shoveling snow, monitoring crowd control in the hallways, consulting with teachers, or visiting with parents. This list could go on and on. She shows concern for staff, students, and parents, making them all feel equally important. She ensures the needs of our staff, students, and parents are recognized and met. It is evident Dr. Holcomb follows the district-wide “You Matter” mantra every day. I am very proud to work at Bryant and to work with a principal who demonstrates by her actions.”

 -A Grateful Colleague