October 7, 2021 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD October Staff Members of the Month

October Staff Members of the Month

Lanaya Harringa, SPED Teacher @ Bryant Elementary School

“Mrs. Harringa started a new program at Bryant this school year and is doing a phenomenal job. She works hard to build relationships with her new students so that she can continue to find what works best for them. She solves problems that arise with her team and works hard to provide a positive working environment for them and her students. She prepared all summer to be ahead of the game and works tirelessly each day. We are thankful to have her as a Bryant Bear!”

Monica Chamberlain, SPED Teacher @ North High School

“Mrs. Chamberlain is a team player. She is willing to step up and help any student no matter the situation. She is also the head volleyball coach. Mrs. Chamberlain leads by example and puts in the time with her students and student-athletes to make them successful. Congratulations!”

Fran Wetzbarger, Third Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary School

“Fran is always positive and friendly towards all of her colleagues. She says good morning to everyone in her pod and tells them all to have a good night when she leaves. She is a problem solver and has high expectations for all of her students. Congratulations, Fran!” 

Beau Bosley, Attendance Specialist @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

“Beau has been building positive relationships with Panther students and staff since day one. He always handles every situation in a positive and professional manner and he is always willing to help students. Thank you for all you do, Beau!”

Kathy Clarkson & Julie Sweeney, Teachers @ East Middle School

“Mrs. Clarkson and Mrs. Sweeney go above and beyond for our 6th-grade team. They are always willing to give a helping hand and collaborate with team members to ensure all students are learning and growing here at East Middle. The amount of extra work they both put in to ensure that their students are successful is commended. Thank you for your dedication!”

Abby Josta, 1st Grade Teacher @ Nodland & Sunnyside Elementary School

“Ms. Josta accepted her position days before the first day of school. She spent countless hours and long nights getting her room prepared for the return of students. Despite the short time frame, she prepared her classroom with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. We are extremely grateful she decided to make this leap and join our Future Raider team.”

Erin Barth, IB/Consulting Teacher @ Nodland & Sunnyside Elementary School

Mrs. Barth does an incredible job as our IB Coordinator and Consulting Teacher. She works tirelessly and puts forth the time and effort with grade-level teams, provides professional development for staff while modeling best practices in instruction, and meets with individual teachers to create units of study. She never shies away from a task and provides incredible support to our teachers and administration. We appreciate her positive energy, her willingness to learn, and her devotion to the International Baccalaureate Program.”

Andrea Stodola, Title I Reading & Math Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

Mrs. Stodola’s enormous heart and love for teaching have made her an asset to our building and staff! Mrs. Stodola goes above and beyond for our students and staff daily. She is willing to help and support any of our staff members with their instruction. Mrs. Stodola co-teaches math with two of our new teachers at Hunt who have both articulated how much they appreciate her support. Mrs. Stodola not only volunteers to help with whatever is needed, but she also utilizes her lunch break to work with a small group of students on their math. Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Mrs. Stodola!”

Kenny Strand, Native American Tutor at Loess Hills Elementary Computer Programming Elementary School

“Kenny has developed strong relationships with our students and staff through positive interaction and conversation. Kenny goes the extra mile to ensure duties are covered and students and staff are supported. He also eats breakfast with students and teaches them about Native American Culture. We appreciate everything that Kenny has done for the students, families, and staff at Loess Hills.”

Dylan Riley, Math Teacher @ East High School

“Dylan has built a great connection with many students. He works directly with students and has built a positive rapport with them. At any time, you can see Dylan in the classroom helping students with all curriculum. He is very professional, organized, and works well with staff and students. We are thankful to have Dylan on our staff at East High. Congratulations!”

Anne O’Brien & Laurie Gettner, Office Staff @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

“Anne connects well with people and she always goes above and beyond for students and staff! She is always welcoming, even if she is having a tough day! Laurie helps others feel welcome at Morningside. She is caring and kind and truly cares about students. Her positivity radiates throughout the building.”

Ras Vanderloo, Activities Director @ East Middle School

“Mr. Vanderloo does a fantastic job keeping our middle school activities programs organized and successful. Each year, he coordinates a Free Sports Physical Day with the Siouxland Community Health Center to provide 300+ students the opportunity to receive a physical. In addition, Ras does a great job encouraging all physical education students to be engaged and active during their PE classes. Thank you, Mr. Vanderloo, for your dedication to making sure the students at East Middle stay active each day!”

Jay Weakland, Counselor @ East High School

“Jay is a helper in all facets at East High. As a 9th-grade counselor, Jay keeps students’ best interests in mind when building class schedules. In addition, he always lends a helping hand and is willing to take on extra duties or responsibilities when asked. Mr. Weakland truly goes the extra mile to help make East High ‘be great!’ Thank you, Mr. Weakland.” 

Amy Haneklaus, Title I Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School

“Mrs. Haneklaus is simply amazing. She is willing to go above and beyond for the students at Riverside Elementary School. She created ‘WIN’ groups, supports our first and second-grade literacy block, and is our internal Reading Corps coach. In addition, Amy is a member of our Building Leadership Team (BLT) and our Care Team. Riverside Elementary School is very lucky to have her. Thank you for all you do, Amy!”

Cammie Winkel, Title I Interventionist @ Liberty Elementary School

“Ms. Winkel always demonstrates a great work ethic and understanding of what needs to be done at Liberty Elementary School. She has helped implement new interventions this year that will help our students grow. Ms. Winkel also volunteers her time to help ‘Bring the Magic’ for students and staff through various activities. Thank you, Ms. Winkel, for all that you do to Make It Happen for the staff and students at Liberty Elementary School!”

Kelsey Schoneck, Office Manager @ Unity Elementary School

“Kelsey goes above and beyond for every student at Unity Elementary School. She does a fantastic job keeping things organized and taken care of for all staff and students. We are so grateful for her!”

TaRae Gardner, 5th Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

“TaRae does a great job supporting her students and other teachers. She is a fantastic mentor who takes time to get to know her mentees and goes out of her way to check on them regularly. TaRae also takes time to integrate all students into classroom activities. Congratulations!”

Mitch Gullikson, Teacher @West High School

Students from West High said the following about Mitch: “He’s just really cool! He gives assignments that are fun and are easy to understand. He teaches at a good pace and does things to help us get better at assignments.” Staff from West High said the following about Mitch: “Mitch is a first-year teacher and has taken on the responsibility of teaching Biology 1 while handling a caseload and coaching cross country at the varsity level. He is composed and has a great working relationship with his students. He is a great addition to West!”

Joshua “Bubba” Malenosky, Teacher @ West High School

Students from West High said the following about Bubba: “He’s the best teacher of all time. He makes West High School fun to attend. Mr. Malensoky is also willing to help me every single time I have a question.” Staff from West High said the following about Bubba: “His class is engaging and he is positive. We appreciate how much he is always helping his students.”