November 12, 2021 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD November Staff Members of the Month

November Staff Members of the Month

Mara Amsberry, Second Grade Teacher @ Bryant Elementary School

“Ms. Amsberry makes great connections with her students. It is not uncommon for former students to come back and visit her. She collaborates with her teaching partners and works hard to meet the varying needs of her students. We are glad that she is a Bryant Bear!” 

Esperanza Ruelas, ESL Tutor @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School 

“Esperanza is always willing to do what is best for students. She always has a smile on her face and is there for anyone who needs help. Thank you, Esperanza, for all you do!”

Melissa Haley, ESL Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School 

“Melissa supports our third-grade team so we can offer our students the very best. She works with us to make sure that our students are getting quality instruction as well as activities that help develop language skills. We appreciate you, Melissa!”

Megan Hartnett, ESL Tutor @ Perry Creek Elementary 

“Megan has been a wonderful and valuable addition to our staff. She has demonstrated tremendous flexibility and adaptability in all that has been asked of her. She has stepped up to all challenges and requests beyond her role as ESL Tutor. She is friendly, approachable, and cooperative when working with all grade-level teams. Keep up the great work, Megan!”

Rosaura Vazquez, Second Grade Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School 

“Rosaura is a wonderful partner and teammate to the second-grade team. She is positive, caring, warm, and above all, wants what is best for our students. We love working with Rosaura.” 

Lorenza Jimenez, Second Grade Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School 

“Lorenza is always there for her teammates and her students. She is caring, knowledgeable, and a hard worker. She is committed to her students and her team.”

Kerri Johnson, Computer Science Teacher @ Sioux City Career Academy

“Positivity streams through Kerri. She has created a classroom culture that enables students to thrive. She has helped to create the first-ever Career Academy Student Ambassador team and manages this with ease. She pushes us to be innovative and compassionate. She is reflective and motivated. Simply put, our campus, our team, and our students are better off because Kerri is here. Congratulations, Kerri!”

Aften Pennings, Language Arts Teacher @ North Middle School

“Ms. Pennings continues to collaborate with Mrs. Meyer as well as consulting teachers to plan and deliver small group instruction. During instruction time, Ms. Pennings maintains a high level of clarity when outlining expectations for small groups and independent work. In doing so, Ms. Pennings establishes positive relationships with students while creating an inviting classroom environment that supports learning. Thank you, Ms. Pennings, for going the extra mile!” 

Imelda Garcia, Consulting Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

“Imelda is always there when she is needed. She cares and supports all the teachers she works with. Our students get to see first-hand how we improve as teachers with Imelda’s help. Thank you for all you do. Congratulations!”

Jessica Faulk, First Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

“Jessica is a strong leader who actively participates in all of our Professional Learning Community (PLC) and Building Leadership Team (BLT) meetings. She provides valuable feedback and knowledge that moves our team forward. Inside the classroom, Jessica always implements new ideas to enhance her teaching practices. She is patient and kind to her students and learns what each student needs so that she can better serve them. Loess Hills is very lucky to have her!” 

 Amy Schmidt, English & Language Arts Teacher @ East High School

“Amy is a generous teacher with her time and expertise. She is always willing to help others understand the curriculum. Amy works hard to ensure students of all skill levels are supported in her class. Outside of her classroom, she assists with things like homecoming coronation to enhance school spirit. Amy is truly a dedicated professional and valuable resource who goes above and beyond for her students.”

Christa Mesz, ELS Teacher @ East Middle School

Students at East Middle School said the following about Christa: “Mrs. Mesz is always very friendly and smiles a lot. She makes learning fun by giving us rewards when we do well.” Staff at East Middle School said the following about Christa: “She doesn’t get enough credit for how much she goes above and beyond to serve her ESL students. Christa spends her lunch making sure they get through the lunch line to get where they need to be and works so hard in the classroom to take her students to a more independent level. She is also very upbeat and happy to work with her students every day!” Congratulations, Christa! 

Emily McGaffin, Attendance Specialist @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

“Emily is always present among the students and staff at Morningside STEM Elementary School. She is seen in the commons, hallway, and classrooms creating relationships with students and their families. When the parents of three students at our school were going to be out of town she worked with the family to ensure their kids made it to and from school each day. Thank you, for all you do, Emily!” 

Trista King, Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

“Trista is kind, welcoming, and supportive of all students and staff at Morningside STEM Elementary. She goes above and beyond to ensure all students are safe, on task, responsible, and respectful for not only themselves but others and our school. Trista is a great employee, teacher, and co-worker. I am thankful I have someone like her to look up to.”

Angie Benz, Teacher @ Unity Elementary School 

“Angie is a true team player. She has helped cover staffing in many areas of the building that need support. She does not hesitate when others ask for help and she always has a smile on her face. Angie is willing to do what is needed for Unity and we can’t thank her enough!” 

Darin Wickey, Teacher @ Unity Elementary School 

“Mr. Wickey took the initiative to support a reading event that took place at Unity knowing the event would be short-staffed. In addition, he continues to support our building safety team and is a great mentor for our students! Congratulations, Mr. Wickey!”