December 6, 2021 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD December Staff Members of the Month

December Staff Members of the Month

LoriAnn Hanson, Bookeeper @ West Middle School

“LoriAnn works hard each day to support any need that arises in our busy middle school office. She spends time helping our substitutes navigate our building, finds coverage for classes, and maintains a positive attitude each day. We value LoriAnn’s commitment to our students, staff, and WMS families.” 

Adam Leff, Resource Aide @ Unity Elementary School 

“Adam does a great job working with students who are excited or distracted. He handles situations with dignity and grace. Thank you for being a positive influence at Unity!” 

Keith Champman, Attendance Specialist @ Unity Elementary School 

“Mr. Chapman is changing our student’s view on attendance at Unity. He is setting up great incentives and motivators for students. The students love interacting with him. He jumps in and helps support staff throughout the building. We are so lucky to have him!”

Marusia Melackrinos, Counselor @ Riverside Elementary School

“We are so happy to have Mrs. Melackrinos at Riverside each day. She works with small groups of students, large groups of students, and helps with social groups. She continues to build relationships with our staff and students. Thank you for all you do for us at Riverside!”

Caitlin Bauerly, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

“Miss Bauerly is truly an invested advocate for our students and families. Her positivity and kindness shine through in everything that she does. Each day, Miss Bauerly greets her students with warmth and genuine care. Her actions set the tone for the day and are an excellent example for her students. She teaches with a significant amount of enthusiasm, and she projects her excitement about the content she is teaching. Miss Bauerly’s energy and zest help her to maintain high levels of student engagement and participation. We are so lucky to have Miss Bauerly at Hunt A+!”

Courtney Leaverton, Third Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary School

“Mrs. Leaverton demonstrates endless energy in her pursuit to ‘Make It Happen’ for the staff and students at Liberty Elementary School. Mrs. Leaverton is involved in our Building Leadership Team (BLT), Positive Behavior Intervention Supports team (PBIS), Running Club, and lead the Liberty Talent Show this fall. Mrs. Leaverton’s dedication to her students inside and outside of the classroom is what it means to ‘Make It Happen!’ Thank you for all you do!”

Kendra Hansen, Counselor @ Liberty Elementary School

“Miss Hansen has been crucial in the implementation of new incentives at our school. She developed and continues to monitor the ‘ROAR’ store, prepares and distributes ‘ROAR’ band incentives, and has taken a greater leadership role on our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports team (PBIS) team. She truly goes the extra mile to ‘Make It Happen’ for the students at Liberty Elementary!”

Kelsey Hoogers, Third Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary School

“Kelsey is currently a third-grade teacher at Perry Creek Elementary School and has also taught second-grade and fifth-grade. Kelsey’s colleagues express their appreciation of Kelsey’s knowledge of technology and her willingness to share her skills with other teachers, benefiting many students at Perry Creek. Congratulations, Kelsey!”

Anna Schmid, Third Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School 

“Anna is a dedicated teacher who creates a warm and inviting environment within her classroom. She goes above and beyond to develop positive relationships with each of her students to help them reach their fullest potential. Anna’s peers said, ‘Anna is a great team member who is always willing to help.’ We are thankful Anna is a Loess Hills Lynx!”

Tara Runyon, Paraeducator @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School 

“Tara is a wonderful paraeducator who assists various students in the building. She is dedicated to her students and has a positive attitude. Tara is a great team member and role model to our students. Congratulations!” 

Laura Lewis, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School 

A staff member at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School said the following about Laura, “I appreciate Mrs. Lewis took on the role of creating activities for celebrations before winter break. Mrs. Lewis always has ideas planned for staff and students that get everyone involved and in the school spirit!”

Nicole Hahn, Science Teacher @ North Middle School

“Nicole Hahn is being recognized for her remarkable dedication to her professional growth in her role and for her leadership on improving building-wide systems and practices. She models and fosters positive communication that results in increased collaboration among colleagues in the math department and instructional coaches. Ms. Hahn consistently exercises leadership, support, and innovation which has had a positive impact on the school’s climate as well as student learning.”

Sam Mogensen, Special Education Teacher @ North Middle School

“Sam is being recognized for his commitment to the students he supports in his role. He works closely with colleagues to foster the academic and behavioral needs of students. He consistently models a calm supportive demeanor and regularly implements strategies to strengthen students’ academic and social-emotional skills.”

Tina Cobbs, Teacher @ Bryant Elementary School

“Mrs. Cobbs supports teachers and students with academics and behavior. She models and supports both groups and is willing to rearrange at a moment’s notice based on the needs of her students. Mrs. Cobbs often puts the needs of others in front of her own. She is a problem solver and we are proud that she is a Bryant Bear!”

Heidi Anthony, Teacher @ Bryant Elementary School 

“Ms. Anthony helps teachers with planning, models lessons, helps prepare materials for students and teachers, leads our Professional Development, and has the critical thinking brain needed to support all students and staff. We are proud to have her on our Bryant team!”

Catherine Kuehl, Teacher @ West High School

Students at West High School said the following about Catherine, “She is one of the best teachers here. She is cool and always tries to help us by communicating with us regularly. She gives us a heads-up on due dates and when we have projects coming up.” Another student added, “She is so kind and helpful. The environment in her classroom is welcoming and makes her students safe. I think she represents WEST well.” Congratulations!