February 3, 2022 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD February Staff Members of the Month

February Staff Members of the Month

Kayla Fay, SPED Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School 

“Mrs. Fay is always so positive, upbeat, organized, calm, and consistent. She goes above and beyond for her students and does an excellent job of checking in on them throughout the day. Mrs. Fay truly cares about her students and takes a special interest in each one of them. She gets to know them and understands their skills, interests, and needs. Mrs. Fay consistently celebrates her student’s successes, big and small. She is always willing to support her grade levels, sends staff upbeat messages, and has a sense of humor that makes our team laugh! Thank you, Mrs. Fay!”

Erika Nelson, Title I Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School

“Erika is always willing to do whatever is needed for our students. She comes early, stays late, and has taken on after-school tutoring. Erika has helped substitute when we are short teachers as well. Riverside is lucky to have Erika on our team. Thanks for all you do!”

Meghan Sterling, Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Meghan Sterling is a gem! She is always so caring and giving to students and staff. All of her students know that she cares about them and wants them to succeed! She finds ways to reach out to her colleagues to support them with instruction or anything else they may need. She is always willing to do whatever it takes to make our school a positive place for students and staff. From stepping into sub when there is a shortage, to serving on the social committee and caring team, she puts her heart into Morningside STEM Elementary!”

Sandy Redding, Food Service @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Sandy brings joy to her colleagues and the students each day. She likes to decorate the lunchroom and bring cheer to the students. She is always greeting staff members in the morning and at lunch with a smile, a good joke, and a pleasant attitude. Plus she makes amazing food! Thank you, Sandy, for all you do.”

Michelle Modlin, Administrative Assistant @ East Middle School

“Michelle Modlin does a great job day in and day out. She always greets students, staff, and parents professionally and positively. She is willing to do what is best for students and always has a smile on her face. Michelle has established positive relationships with students and staff at East Middle as well. She truly goes the extra mile to help everyone in the building. Thank you for all you do!”

Amber Holmes, Instructional Assistant @ Unity Elementary School

“Amber works hard to support our Foundations classroom. She goes above and beyond to support the students day in and day out. We are thankful to have her at Unity!”

Deb Condon, ELL Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

“Deb works extremely hard to help our English Language students. She goes above and beyond to support students and ensures they are growing each day. She does a great job involving classroom teachers and offering support. Deb is a tremendous asset to Unity!”

Jessica Bunch, Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

“Jessica strives to creatively engage her students and always be inclusive. She creates hands-on projects to give her students life experiences within her classroom and her students love them! She is a great part of our team at Unity!”

Katelyn Gibson, Instructional Assistant @ Unity Elementary School

“Katelyn jumped in head first to her position. She is willing to help out wherever and whenever staff needs her. She has a positive attitude and is great with students! We are so lucky to have her at Unity.”

Chelon Busch, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

“Chelon goes above and beyond in the classroom making sure all of her student’s needs are met. She is always willing to help with anything or lend a hand. Congratulations, Chelon!”

Sandy Hamman, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

“Sandy is always willing to go beyond her daily tasks and responsibilities. She cares for each of her students and makes sure they reach their goals. She is also always willing to lend a hand to staff. Congratulations, Sandy!”

Jessica Walsh, Para Educator @ Bryant Elementary School

“Jessica always has a positive attitude. She has an infectious smile and patience when working with her students. She keeps a calm attitude in all situations she is involved in and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Jessica has a great way of delivering instruction and helping students to see their potential. We are proud to have her as a Bryant Bear!”

Malina Ard, Social Studies Teacher @ Sioux City Career Academy 

“Malina is a creative and reflective teacher. She approaches each lesson with fresh ideas and spends countless hours preparing engaging activities for her students. She recognizes when she needs to adjust and is flexible to ensure students find success. Additionally, Malina shares these great ideas with her teammates. She is a leader in her department and a leader at the Career Academy. She covers classrooms when she can, shares resources, and is just an overall asset to our campus. We are extremely grateful to have her on our team.”

Damon Mothershead, Teacher @ Alternative School

“Mr. Mothershead is an amazing educator. Every day he radiates passion and a zest for learning with students who are often in difficult situations. He is proactive in gathering data, supporting staff, and excels and individualized instruction. He does this while balancing in-take meetings and student support meetings. Mr. Mothershead is soft-spoken and nurturing. He can acknowledge student successes while purposefully and effectively addressing their needs. He is an unassuming, approachable, and effective leader. Congratulations, Damon!” 

Noah Towns, Choir Teacher @ West High School 

Students at West High School said the following about Noah, “He does a great job teaching us and always wants us to do better. I love going to Chorale because it is one of my favorite classes and Mr. Towns makes singing fun!” Congratulations, Noah!

Denise Jensen, Second Grade Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School 

“Denise builds great relationships with her students and works very hard to meet all of their needs. She adapts her lessons based on formative assessments. Denise is a team player and works hard with her grade-level partner. Thanks for all you do, Denise.”

Desi Shultz, Teacher @ East High School 

“Mrs. Shultz ensures students are not only academically successful but also successful in all aspects of life. In the classroom, Mrs. Shultz works with students until everyone has grasped and mastered each lesson. She also spends countless hours outside of the school day working with students on the East High School yearbook. Congratulations! Your hard work does not go unnoticed.”